Healthier Confident You Helps Answers, How Do I Take CBD?

Healthier Confident You Helps Answers, How Do I Take CBD?

Are you wondering how you take CBD?  Well, there are multiple ways to take CBD and Healthier Confident You offers most.

Sublingual (oil/tinctures) – easy for all ages to take.  Place oil under your tongue, hold for about 60 seconds.  It’s effective and relatively fast acting and serves the whole body.

Topicals (lotions/roll on) – easy to apply to affected area, effective, but only targets specific area of application.

Ingestion (capsules) – popular, easy to take, great for elderly.  The effect lasts longer, but take a little longer to be absorbed into the body.

Ingestion (gummies or alike) – popular, great for all ages, socially acceptive, effective.

Inhalation (vapes) – easy and fast acting, effect not as long.

In addition to different ways to take CBD, there are also three different types.  One type of CBD is full spectrum.  Full spectrum products include multiple cannabinoids including the legal trace amounts of THC which again is 0.3% or less.  Another type of CBD is broad spectrum and includes multiple cannabinoids as well, however the THC is extracted out of the oil.  The third type of CBD is isolate, which is just the CBD cannabinoid by itself.  All are great, however, studies reveal the best results are found in full spectrum CBD.  The reason for this is because it produces what is called the entourage effect.  Think of each of the cannabinoids as a “team member”, full spectrum provides a bigger team to help you heal better and faster.

Just like your traditional prescription medications that you are familiar with, CBD comes in different strengths.  Most HCY CBD tinctures are full spectrum.  They come in a 600mg, a 1000mg, and a 1500mg strength.  These tinctures, also called oils, come in a 30ml bottle.  Because of the different strengths, the amount of CBD per dose will be different.  For a 600mg strength, there is 20mg of CBD per dose and for a 1500mg strength, there is 50mg of CBD per dose.  Our THC free isolate tincture is 1250mg that also comes in a 30ml bottle and breaks down to 41.5mg per dose.


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