Savings Programs

How would you like to save 20% or even 30% off your Healthier Confident You CBD purchases for an entire year? Our Membership Program and our Loyalty Program offer saving options to fit your needs.

Membership Program

The membership program would be great for you if you are looking to save, but would like to order at your leisure.

  • 20% off every time you purchase in person or online for one year
  • You will receive a unique coupon code
  • Membership fee of ONLY $36

Loyalty Program

The loyalty program would be great for you if you would like an even bigger savings and have your product(s) shipped to you on a monthly basis.

  • 30% off your product(s) that is automatically shipped to you each month for one year so you never have to worry about running out
  • Loyalty fee of ONLY $48

Thank you for your service!

Healthier Confident You is proud to offer a 25% discount for Veterans and First Responders.  Just let us know you qualify for this discount by contacting us and we’ll send you a unique coupon code!

As a first time customer, we would like to extend a 15% discount to you.  Simply contact us for the unique coupon code to save!